How to book the date of our wedding?
Once we confirmed the availability date must be given in respect of 20% on account of the budget. This ensures that the day is only for you.


You sign a contract?
Always. It is a guarantee that will give calm and confidence.

What is your cancellation policy?
When we entered into the contract, we reserve the wedding date for you and do not accept any other work. For this reason, the initial deposit is not refundable, but we could transfer that deposit if you decide to change the wedding date.


How far in advance to hire?
The sooner the better! How often is to do between 9 and 12 months before the wedding.


You move to other places?
Of course! I love to travel and I will be happy to photograph your wedding if it's out of here.


Included is the displacement?
In our province displacement is included. For weddings outside Cádiz, consult.


So when you stay at a wedding?
We will not rush to get out of your wedding. Usually we withdraw one hour after the start of the open bar.


You make group photos at the wedding?
We are happy to do so if you want to. Our style is close to the documentary, we try to go unnoticed and take those pictures of friends in a more spontaneous way. But if you want a formal group, we will for sure!


Speaking of perched ... During the wedding day we do not like to force the moment with unnatural postures or smiles, but sometimes do a pose but always in the most natural and simple way. If that day there is no time and want to take pictures of couples, you can arrange an interview post wedding.


Many photos give us?
The number of pictures we took during a wedding depends on many factors: type of event, number of guests, coverage hours ... However, for 10-hour coverage can receive approximately 200 photos.


You also do video?
No, we only pictures ... We try to make the best!


You give yourself the digital files?
Yes, we deliver the properly processed, high-resolution digital files.


We meet before the wedding?
Of course, it is very important to me. If possible, I usually meet with each pair at least a few times before the wedding day to learn something from each one of us and so know a little more. If this is not possible ... we use Skype! :-)



We believe in loving couples, and capture that essence with a camera is what I enjoyed the most! We like the couples who really appreciate photography. Surely our style is not for everyone, we like to tell stories with quality and not quantity.

If you want us to be privileged to witness your wedding, we will be very proud of it and to be part of your history.


See you soon!